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The first conference of the RED was in Reñaca (Chile), in November 1995, when representatives of 50 centres took part. In this conference, subjects of common interest were discussed, and as a result, the “Latin American Consensus on Ethical and Legal Issues Connected with Assisted Reproduction Techniques” was published.

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The education project began with the holding of workshops, which specifically sought to improve quality control at centres, and theoretical and practical embryo freezing workshops. The respective manuals – “Manual of Procedures – Assisted Reproduction Laboratory” and “First Conference of Embryo Cryopreservation” were published later on, so those centres could use them as a guide.

The manuals aim to educate those centres that are just starting out and, by standardising procedures, to make it possible for multi-centre and multinational studies to be undertaken.

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  in March 2000, during the 4th RED workshop in Florianópolis, Brazil, a start was made for drawing up “Education and Consents Form in assisted reproduction” .

The aim of this project is to unify criteria, and through joint efforts, forms were drawn up for all centres in Latin America.

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  In April 2006, with to aim to keep the characteristics of the previous edition, but with the objetive to suit to the new procedures and development, RED publishes the new edition of the Manual of Procedures – Assisted Reproduction Laboratory , a project that started during Dr. Claudia Borrero manegement and was concluded during Prof. J. G. Franco Junior manegement.
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The Manual of Clinical Procedures in Medically  Assisted Reproduction of Red Latinoamericana de  Reproducción Asistida, which official launch was made during the 12th REDLARA General Meeting in  Lima - Peru  (March-2015), is available electronically on Amazon where you can you  buy it. This is  the effort of outstanding professionals to draft the REDLARA  Guidelines as a basis to standardize procedures in their daily practice.



The JBRA Assisted Reproduction is the informative instrument of the Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction (SBRA) and the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction (RED). The quarterly publication is indexed, with special issues of the Annual Workshop and Workshop SBRA Network General, meets the objective of disseminating research and scientific production in Assisted Reproduction and is open to specialists interested in publishing their work in Portuguese, Spanish and English.         

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Multicenter Studies:
1. Attitudes of patients who underwent oocyte donation: a multicentre study of the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction. Hum.Reprod. (1998) 13:72S-73S

2. Prospective randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy of a vaginal ring releasing progesterone for IVF and oocyte donation - Zegers-Hochschild et al. Hum. Reprod. (2000) 15:2093-2097.

3. A double-blind clinical trial comparing a fixed daily dose of 150 and 250 IU of recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone in women undergoing in vitro fertilization – Fertility Sterility (2001) 76: 950-956.
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